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Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Head 【アンプ】《フェンダー》-アンプ

'65 Deluxe Reverb Head, 100V JPN
A unique twist on this classic vintage amp that players have been demanding! This 22-watt ’65 Deluxe Reverb Head amp in classic Black is perfect for rock, country or blues players who want a moderately powered amp they can crank up at the gig or in the studio. In head form, it’s the perfect companion to your favorite 8-ohm cabinet!

Model Name:'65 Deluxe Reverb Head, 100V JPN
Model Number:0217407010
Series:Vintage Reissue
Amplifier Type:Tube
Color:Black and Silver

Controls:Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb, Speed, Intensity
Effects Loop:NA
Inputs:Four - (1/4", Two Normal and Two Vibrato)
Channels:Two - (Normal and Vibrato)
Rectifier:Tube (1 x 5AR4)
Voltage:100V JPN
Wattage:22 Watts

Cabinet Material:7-Ply 5/8" Birch Plywood
Handle:Molded Rubber "Dog Bone" Style
Front Panel:Blackface Style
Control Knobs:Vintage-Style Skirted Black Plastic

Pre Amp Tubes:4 x 12AX7
Power Tubes:2 x 6V6

FootSwitch:2-Button Footswitch Included

Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Head 【アンプ】《フェンダー》-アンプ

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